20th April 2014
Vision statement and goals  

Worship the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit
To put prayer and worship at the centre of our lives and our community:  for our worship to be real, relevant and life-giving; for our communion, celebrated on Sunday, to be lived out in our relationships, service and witness during the week
measured in terms of attendance at worship, at prayer meetings, by how 'real' our services are to everyday life, by how our services impact on everyday life
Different congregations, different liturgies,
1. to establish teams to oversee each of the main congregations
2. to explore possibility of establishing a new congregation, possibly on Sunday afternoon
Teach the Bible in a way relevant to everyday life
For our teaching to be biblical, stimulating, relevant, challenging, envisioning and equipping
measured in terms of how well people know their bible and how they apply it to everyday lives
Homegroups, assemblies, childrens work,
3. to grow preachers,  teachers and other ministers
4. to begin to offer short courses as a supplement to homegroups
Grow people in faith, understanding and love
To nurture individuals so that they grow as followers of Christ
measured in terms of people's personal walk with God, levels of prayerfulness, how we react to suffering, level of giving (not just to church), lives changing (people becoming more like Jesus), level of care for members of the congregations by members of the congregations, a sense of unity within the parish and with other Christian churches.
Resources include preaching, homegroups, pastoral visiting, baptism and thanksgiving prep, wedding prep, confirmation, website
5. to establish new homegroups
6. to maintain and develop cross parish work with children and young people - holiday club, seasonal workshops
Equip people to serve
For the parish to become increasingly outward looking, so that we become a major resource for people in the community and beyond (through teaching, giving, equipping, training, serving and sending)
measured in terms of level of giving (not just to church), service within church and community, churches supported and mission supported. To work towards a situation where as a parish we are giving 25% of our income
7. to develop the Hyndman Centre to enable us to offer additional facilities
8. to maintain our historic buildings
9. to identify one or two overseas projects which parish or church could focus on.
10. to establish short training courses
Offer people opportunities to meet with Jesus and discover forgiveness and new life
For us to explain to people how they can meet Jesus, what it involves, and to offer people opportunities to meet with Jesus  
measured by range of people we are meeting, how clear the message is, number of opportunities that we give for people to encounter Jesus
Resources include buildings, different congregations, retreats, groups (eg. choir), Introducing Jesus, Alpha, Exploring Christianity, civic services, special services, children's events, website, publicity
11. to equip people for the work of evangelism
12. to run a mission
13. to make SM more welcoming to people in winter (i.e heating)

 This is a working document. Updated Jan 2010